How much does the home study cost in California?

At the Independent Adoption Center (IAC) the home study cost is $2600. You can read more about adoption costs here. You can also learn more about our home study process and services here on our website. This may seem expensive at first glance, but the fees pay for the services of compiling background checks and medical records, among other things. It also includes the costs of having a licensed social worker come to your home for the basic inspection (its less scary than it sounds), and to have them write the homestudy report. Once the homestudy report is completed, you will be able to legally adopt a child in California. In some states a home study must be updated annually. Under California law, the home study is valid for two years, after which it must be updated. At the Independent Adoption Center we update all of our full service client's home studies annually for free no matter what state they live in, just in case their baby is born in a state that requires annual updates. The process of updating a homestudy is less expensive than the original, and here at IAC we offer this service for free every year as long as a home visit is not required. An annual home visit is only required in some states, or if you have changed residences in the past year.