I want to adopt my niece shes with her mother who is still partying and drinking not working and is about to be kicked out of school. 99% of the time I am always taking care of my niece who is by the way about to be 2 years old and I care for her like crazy to see her get hurt. What can I do?

You cannot adopt your niece unless her mother AND her birthfather voluntarily terminate their parental rights, and state that they want you to be the adoptive parent. In addition, you would need to have a home study approved before placement. To do such an adoption you would need to contact a licensed adoption agency in your state or an adoption attorney. You can contact the IAC if you live in California, Texas, Indiana, Georgia or North Carolina, and the child is under three years old.

If you feel that your niece is being abused or neglected you should make a report to child protective services in the county where you live. They may or may not remove the child. If they remove the child, they may want to place her with a family member such as yourself, but there is no guarantee. Even if they placed her with you, they would likely develop a family reunification plan to allow her to return to her mother, unless her mother wanted to voluntarily terminate her parental rights, in which case they would make an adoption plan.