If I choose to do an open adoption is there anyway I can get the baby back in the future?

If you are planning on doing an open adoption, you will be able to see your child (typically, once a year) and have other information about how they are doing, but this is still an adoption. You cannot reclaim the child at a later date, once your rights have been irrevocably terminated.

If you are not ready to parent, but think you may want to do so in the future, you should consider temporary guardianship or foster care. However, there is no guarantee even with temporary guardianship or foster care that your child will be returned to you.

Finally, you should also consider how reclaiming a child will impact their well-being. Children do best when they are in a single stable family. Moving a child from family to family is often detrimental to their development.

If you think you may want custody of your child in the future, it would be best to develop a plan where you will be able to parent your child from birth.