Do you have a minimum income requirement for (domestic) adoption?

The Independent Adoption Center (IAC) does not have any minimum income requirements because we have found that people can live comfortably on a wide range of incomes.

Unfortunately, because an agency adoption at the IAC can cost from $15,000 to $30,000 it can often be difficult for families with a very low income to have the money to afford the fees. Nevertheless, the IAC has placed children with families who have a very low annual income.

In evaluating if a family has the financial resources to adopt the IAC looks at the following factors:

1. Is the family able to cover all of their monthly living expenses, including contributing at least a small amount to their savings?

2. Does the family have a low level of consumer credit debt? Consumer debt that is more than half of what the family makes in a year is a red flag.

3. Will the family be able to pay the adoption agency fees and other possible expenses in an adoption?