I am 54 years old and my husband is 65 years old and we are both very active. We have a stable household with a good income and feel that we want to give back and adopt a child who perhaps has been disadvantaged through their circumstances. We do not mind adopting from age 9 upwards. We live in Florida. How would we go about this?

We have so much to give and have no children. We are very happy to conduct an open adoption as our perspective is to support the growth of an individual who perhaps would not have had the chances we could provide and to absolutely reassure the mother and father (if appropriate) that this was a good decision whilst keeping her/him up to date with her childs growth and life .

It sounds like your family might be a good candidate for the foster/adopt program in your county. IAC only does voluntary infant adoptions. Most older children have been involuntarily removed from their homes for abuse or neglect.

The Florida Department of Children and Families in your county will be able to help you apply to be foster/adopt parents. You can either work with the county directly or work with one of the non-profit agencies that help families become foster/adopt parents.