If you pay all of the fees to go through with an adoption and the birth parents decide to keep the child (either early in the process, or in the amount of time they have to change their mind - in my state its 10 days), do you pay those fees again with another couple (birthparent services fee, fee due at birth of child), or do they get transferred or refunded? In other words, in addition to the emotional risk, are you taking on a financial risk as well, in potentially losing three to ten thousand dollars?

At the IAC, you only pay our fees once until you have a PERMANENT placement in your home. If a birthparent decides to parent you do not repay the fees to IAC for the birthparent services fee or the birth fee. This is a one time payment, no matter how many matches/unmatches you have, or even if a birthparent decides to parent after the birth.

You would lose any money you paid to a birthparent in pregnancy related expenses, but at the IAC 70 percent of birthparents have less than $3,000 in total expenses with many having $0 in expenses. It is important to remember that potential birthparents who decide to parent before or after the birth are not legally required to repay any expenses that the the potential adoptive parent(s) paid to them.