What is open adoption?

By definition, adoption is the legal act of permanently placing a child with someone other than the child's biological parents. "Open adoption includes the birthparents and adoptive parents meeting one another, sharing full identifying information, and having direct access to ongoing contact over the years." (Silber & Dorner, Children of Open Adoption, Corona Publishing, San Antonio, TX, 1990).

There are many benefits to open adoption. The birthparents feel at peace knowing they have created the adoption. Ongoing contact through the years enables birthparents to get closure and confirm that they made the best decision for their child. The adoptive parents feel chosen and entitled to parent their child. In addition, because they know the birthparents, they do not fear an unknown figure. The child benefits most of all because they know where they came from and where they belong. They also have access to information about their birthparents including cultural and medical history.