What is the procedure for gay adoption?

The answer to this question depends on the state where you live. In many states the procedure for gay adoption is the same as it is for heterosexual couples or single individuals.

In some states, gay male and lesbian couples cannot adopt, but single Gay or Lesbian individuals are permitted to adopt. At this time both Mississippi and Utah prohibit adoptions by lesbians and gay men, whether or not they are part of couple so there is no legal way for a same-sex couple or single gay man or lesbian to adopt a baby born in those states, nor to adopt from another state if they are residents of Mississippi or Utah. Please note, that the laws regarding gay male and lesbian adoption change frequently. The best source for current information is the Human Rights Campaign web site.

Finally, gay male and lesbian couples do not have a longer wait for placement than heterosexual couples. For more information about LGBT adoption, please see: http://www.adoptionhelp.org/lgbtq-adoption