I want to adopt a baby and I can't find any sites or emails or number or anything that can actually send me forms and pictures of babies who need to be adopted. Help please

Although there are babies available for adoption, the adoption plans are made before the baby is born. A match is made between a birth parent, and an adoptive parent before the baby is born and then the adoptive parents take the baby home from the hospital. Fortunately, orphanages no longer exist and newborns are usually voluntary placements so they are not part of the foster care system. Furthermore, most adoptions are open meaning that birth families and adoptive families remain in contact after the adoption.

Older children who are available for adoption have often been removed due to abuse and neglect and are in the foster care system. Photos and other information about these children is usually available. This is not the case for infants. Most adoption agencies, including the IAC, can mail or email you information about how programs for infant adoption work. If you would like IAC to send you this information, just request a free adoption information kit.