There is essential care during pregnancy to guarantee that the fetus develops and grows properly inside the mother and will reach a happy term in the period indicated for its birth; discover everything you need to know about the subject throughout the reading of this article.

What is pregnancy?

The term pregnancy describes the gestational period during which the fetus develops inside the uterus or womb of the woman.

The time during which the pregnancy takes place can vary; but the norm is that it takes approximately 40 weeks; which is estimated over about 9 months.

This gestation period is calculated based on the pregnant woman’s last menstrual cycle up to the time her delivery is expected.

Essential care during pregnancy

The care that the pregnant woman must maintain is identified as prenatal and includes her diet, good health habits and regular check-ups by a gynecologist or obstetrician; professional qualified to control the development of the fetus, from its gestation until the moment of receiving it during childbirth.

It does not mean that the woman should drastically change her life; but simply adopt measures that favor the development of the fetus and that guarantee its happy birth.

In this case it is vital, for example, that you take folic acid, in addition to other prenatal vitamins that will promote the healthy development of your developing baby.

In addition to this, when becoming pregnant, you must make the knowledge of the doctor who takes care of it; all those medications that you are currently consuming as well as any type of pathology that you suffer; for example if you are diabetic, hypertensive, have thyroid problems or suffer from respiratory difficulties among others.

It is very important to consume a balanced diet to avoid uncontrolled weight gain; which would hinder their movement and development throughout the nine months. Learn more about these topics on our blog.

It is also necessary to perform the different tests both at the beginning of the pregnancy and throughout each of its trimesters; checking especially by means of ultrasounds, the growth of your baby with what can also be specified in an estimated way, the date within which it is expected to be born.

Depending on her family history, the pregnant woman may undergo screening for genetic problems or special tests through which it is determined that it is not a high-risk pregnancy.

There are many essential cares during pregnancy and despite the fact that in ancient times; women followed him as part of their natural instinct; nowadays things have changed; allowing fetal malformations to be detected in time or operations to be performed on these infants even before they are born.

The advances of science have been prodigious; allowing the pregnant woman to undergo a cesarean section when she does not have the necessary physical conditions to support a natural birth.

Not to mention that there have been many little ones who have survived, in cases where the umbilical cord is entangled in their neck; are found across or breech during childbirth and more.

No two pregnancies are the same for the same woman; It is possible that during your first delivery you experience pain as an indicator of the beginning of your labor and in other cases you simply lose the amniotic fluid that protects and nourishes your fetus; seeing the need for their birth to be induced.

By this it is meant that pregnancy can be considered as a complex or simple process; everything will finally depend on the essential care during this time of gestation followed by the mother, her age and physical condition; among some other factors.

Essential care during pregnancy

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