Promoting an adequate environment in the home is essential to guarantee the full development of all those who share life within it; so we will address the recommendations to receive a member in the family and that this is not a cause of discomfort for other children or alters the peace to which the elderly are accustomed.

What does the arrival of a new member to the family mean?

The arrival of a new member to the family represents the incorporation of important changes in the family routine; especially when it comes to the birth of a baby, expected over nine months or the adoption of a child, having more children and this cannot be achieved through pregnancy.

By having other children in the home, it is possible that they show jealousy towards the newcomer; which is normal but they must be overcome with patience and a lot of love, so that they do not alter family life.

It is necessary to closely monitor the behavior of all the people in the home and make sure that each one is aware of their role within the family, that they have the right to their own space; but at the same time they must accept the arrival of this new member, who deserves their love and understanding to guarantee their full development and growth.

Recommendations to receive a new member in the family

If you notice that your children, with the arrival of this new member to your family, experience unjustified mood swings, regressive behavior, maladjustment, negativism and stubbornness; in addition to showing excessive affection towards the newcomer; follow these recommendations to direct their behavior in a positive way:

  • Allow him to participate in the care of the newly arrived brother; so that he begins to bond with him and feel that family love is shared between them.
  • Carry out joint activities for the whole family; in which the new member of the family is involved, even if only through their presence; In addition to being included as part of your trips, attendance at events, festivities and other traditions that do not stop because of your arrival.
  • Dedicate exclusive attention to all the little ones you have been raising before the birth of your baby.
  • Tell him what are the advantages of being older; especially in those things that you can enjoy depending on your age.
  • Avoid making comparisons; never make the mistake of indicating that he is worse than the newcomer or that his physical appearance does not favor him; as he does with the little infant.
  • Offer him a balanced treatment; with the same amount of attention that you give your baby; because in this way you will drive away his jealousy and you will make him understand that he has the same rights and privileges.
  • React calmly when your child displays jealous behavior; even if you consider that it is out of place, since it is something natural and temporary.

It is not easy for a child who has lived as the center of attention of the family nucleus for years to adapt quickly to the arrival of a new member in the family.

This is something understandable and that must be handled with prudence and cunning by their parents; so that he becomes aware and understands that the baby will be a company for him; a sibling to play with, the person who will grow by their side and will stay with them even when their parents are away.

In any family made up of several people, both children and adults, the arrival of a new member to their group; it must represent a joy, although it implies changes, these are assumed without affecting the emotional or physical stability of the other members.

Recommendations to receive a new member in the family

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