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Scott and Jeff Boscoe-Huffman

Morrison, CO

Hello from beautiful Colorado. We are so excited about open adoption and the birthmother contact it affords a child! We can never understand exactly how you feel right now, but as psychologists we understand that you are going through a very difficult decision in your life. We would like to help make this process as easy for you as possible. Please call anytime to get to know us better.

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Our Backgrounds

We met while Scott was an undergraduate in Psychology in Boca Raton, FL and Jeff was attaining a clinical Psychology doctorate in Sunrise, FL. We dated for two years and broke up when Jeff had to move to Connecticut for his internship/residency. We never forgot each other. After several years Jeff wrote to see how Scott was doing and the romance began anew. After a year of flying back and forth between Denver, CO and Palm Beach, FL, we decided to live together in Denver. The decision to live in Colorado was made easy by the fact that Florida did not allow gay couples to adopt children. From the beginning of our relationship, we both knew we wanted to have kids. After Scott finished his doctorate in psychology, we began this adoption process. A year after moving to Colorado, we were married in Cambridge Massachusetts. The ceremony was the Royal Sonesta's first gay wedding after Massachusetts made gay marriage legal. The staff at the resort was almost as excited as we were. They helped plan a three day wedding that involved a cruise, dinners, luncheons and a buffet, along with the ceremony and social hours. It was magical. This long weekend allowed all of the family that had to come in from all over the country (and outside the U.S.) to have time to catch up with each other. Many of our friends also came from their homes in several different states. Six years later, we are both Child Psychologists with a private group practice in downtown Denver. We are able to set our own hours and each work at the office part-time. This will allow one of us to be home at all times during the day when we have a child. We both feel that we are truly blessed and want to share our fortunate lives with a child.

About Scott

(Written by Jeff)Scott is a wonderful husband. He is my best friend and soul mate. Scott is loving, honest, thoughtful, intelligent, responsible, trustworthy and creative. He has a great sense of humor and is playful. Scott will be an excellent father. His commitment, love, patience, understanding and consistency will provide a child with the qualities they need to feel secure, happy and loved. I am excited to raise a family with him.

About Jeff

(written by Scott)I can honestly say that Jeff is the kindest person I have ever met. He is gentle and caring of everyone he interacts with. He treats me like a prince and is always willing to lend a hand (or an ear). I think that this is what makes him such a great therapist. He connects instantly with others and they feel his genuineness. Patients know that he cares about them and not about the money they pay for therapy. He is great with the children we see in our group practice and with our many nieces and nephews. This tells me more than anything else that he will be a great Dad. When I lost my mother last year to Cancer, I was grieving tremendously. My mother and I were always very close. Jeff was so kind and supportive that it showed me how he has infinite patience and unconditional love for another. This is how he will be with a child. Additionally, he is fun...and I mean fun. I am really active and love new experiences. It never takes any convincing for Jeff to go along with anything I suggest. He loves life and is usually the one in the room who is always laughing or making others laugh. Jeff makes friends quickly with everyone he meets and still has close friends he has known since elementary school. We see them just about every week. Jeff is quick to forgive and always gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. His heart is huge and he never runs out of love. I believe that he is the best husband anyone could ever wish for. I am just lucky enough that he is, fortunately, mine!


You have our commitment that we will provide a wonderful, safe, loving environment for your child. You will always have our deepest gratitude and a place in our family for choosing us to raise your child. We would love to get to know you and plan an open adoption together! We want this child to discover his or her natural talents. We will provide many opportunities for this through supportive involvement in activities and education. We will always be there to encourage and respect their wishes. We want for them what we have found ourselves, self-fulfillment and happiness. We will teach them how to love and appreciate others while showing respect and care at the same time. These behaviors are modeled by us and will also be directed toward them so they can feel loved and respected as well. We will instill the belief that anything is possible if you strive for it and that he or she can accomplish whatever they want out of life with us standing behind them to always provide support through the hard times and encouragement through the good.

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